I stand in the shadows, watching as my life passes me by, Watching as my only reason for living gets further and further away and i feel powerless to stop it.

We all have that one thing, that we need above everything else, above air, above water, sometimes you don’t even know what it is.

I discovered long ago what i needed more than anything, but it was always out of reach, no matter how hard i reached for it, I always came up short.

It’s like the moment I discovered what i needed, nothing could replace it and though i have tried over and over, nothing even comes close.

So what do i do? How do i continue to fight? How can i reach that which i can’t live without? it’s so close and yet so far away.

I am lost, and i can’t find the will to continue, and i don’t think anyone really cares. I remember so much but I know so little, My tears fall, bringing to the surface the sadness within.


Something always clouds the path, you never can know for sure what you should do.

I stand unmovable in absolute certainty that what must be done is right, yet I am unable to move, paralyzed by fear, as a pale shape with the head of a lion appears in the shadows and whispers you know what must be done, i feel the fear well up in me.

“But i can’t, I can’t loose this” The pale figure pauses, to say: But you must, you can’t move forward if you do not get past this fear.

“Yes, but, I can’t move forward if I lose this battle, it will destroy me” All battles must be fought weather we want to or not.

“I just don’t know how, If I carry this banner, if I light this torch, I could fall.” That is the risk all great leaders take, you must find it within yourself to take what you want so dearly.

“I know, I want it more than anything I have ever wanted, since as long as I can remember, I know I will not survive without it, But I also know my very action could destroy it” Again the figure pauses to consider me, You must come to terms, that even though you may lose, you will never win if you don’t try.

“But what if it all goes wrong? I’ll be here, cold forever!!” I yell at the dark emptiness which the figure once stood