I stand in the shadows, watching as my life passes me by, Watching as my only reason for living gets further and further away and i feel powerless to stop it.

We all have that one thing, that we need above everything else, above air, above water, sometimes you don’t even know what it is.

I discovered long ago what i needed more than anything, but it was always out of reach, no matter how hard i reached for it, I always came up short.

It’s like the moment I discovered what i needed, nothing could replace it and though i have tried over and over, nothing even comes close.

So what do i do? How do i continue to fight? How can i reach that which i can’t live without? it’s so close and yet so far away.

I am lost, and i can’t find the will to continue, and i don’t think anyone really cares. I remember so much but I know so little, My tears fall, bringing to the surface the sadness within.

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