The true sign of HellsWinter

This website has been many things over the years. I had originally thought of just putting a a timeline memorial page here describing all the thing done with this domain over the years.

But that just seemed a little too boring for my tastes, and i have been considering doing the “blog” thing for a bit, so i said you know this would make an epic blog.

So here it is, Welcome to the HellsWinter blog, Still working on the theme.

So, even though I said it was boring, I figure I should at least give a brief overview of what i have done with this domain over the years i’ll keep it short.

Originally I bought the domain back in the late 90s early 2000s because it sounded cool as hell (no pun <.<) back in those days i was mostly still a kid, it sat there for probably a year with a cool looking page i wrote for it. Just for the sake of “having a web page” trust me it was all the rave back then (now i feel old)

Right, after a while, I started to think about a “online project” something to tinker with, fueled by the the desire to learn new things in the then, blank slate of the internet and computers.

Now you newbs who think facebook is the only way to communicate online won’t know anything about this, but their existed this thing called IRC (Internet Relay Chat) imagine a place which you connected to which had many many different “rooms” one could join to chat with people from all around the world, having played around in these “Networks” as they were called for quite a few years, Some buddies and I decided we should setup our own.

And was born, the HellsWinter IRC network, We kept it running for a few years, and at our peek we had something like 500 connected users, not huge some of the other Networks which had existed for years towered over us, But it was fun, Our own little slice of the internet.

We eventually shut that network down due to low population we had adsorbed some of the other smaller networks around us with the plan of becoming “The Mega Ultra Largest Network” Not really though, as much as we joked about it it was never going to happen, and eventually a majority of the other network admins we adsorbed started to have policy disagreements with the other founders and I, so we decided to cut the cord to pursue an internet radio project which used another name.

So Fast forward several years, I stumbled upon an underground scene of servers for a certain (unnamed) MMORPG game I met some people who seemed interested in finding out how the servers worked and what it was like to run one. After a bit of discussion, I decided hey I can set one of these up if you want, Thus, HellsWinter was reborn as an MMORPG server.

This would have much more impact on my life that i would ever have imagined, One of the players interested in checking out the server and seeing all of the neat things that could be done with it was a girl, i’m not going to go into a huge amount of details about this as sign of respect despite the fact that we can’t even speak anymore.

Suffice it to say, I ended up in a long distance relationship with her, the conversations we would have were the highlight of my day back then, She eventually became the co-owner of the server (naturally) and i kept putting a lot of time into it, trying to improve it, trying to make it something people would enjoy, because for me it was like my gift to her this place we could enjoy and watch grow together.

After we broke up, I had recently brought in a few new staff members, and we tried to keep it going, but my heart just wasn’t in it anymore, it was a constant reminder of where it started. I left it online and let the current staff members manage it the way they saw fit, Until eventually everyone lost interest, and thus HellsWinter went dark…… UNTIL NOW!!

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